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Elephant Stripes is an online travel gear store specialising in inspiring travel products including Travel Packs, Luggage, Toiletry Bags, Packable Luggage and Travel Accessories.

All products are lovingly created and improved upon by Travel lovers specifically for the purpose of traveling. Because we believe your travel gear should be as exciting as your adventures!

Elephant Stripes was originally started by two girls from New Zealand who love to travel.  Francesca Logan and Jordan Abrahams, two best friends and university roommates found themselves increasingly surprised and frustrated  that they couldn’t find fun and exciting travel gear to accompany them on their travels so they decided to do something about it.

Being typical generation y social and environmental activists they also wanted the business to have a greater purpose and give back so they set up The Ashla-Maia Foundation Charitable organisation to be a shareholder in the business and are constantly integrating new charitable actions and improving the environmental impact the company has.

The idea for Elephant Stripes began to grow….Two years, a fair bit of travel, many crazy moments and late nights later…Elephant Stripes was born.

Fast forward to present day and Elephant Stripes is now run solely by Jordan who lives between the Gold Coast, Australia and Raglan, New Zealand – With other locations thrown in whenever possible of course!          

Thanks for reading the story. We look forward to creating awesome gear for your future travel adventures!
  Jordan and the Elephant Stripes team.