Elephant Stripes started with two girls from New Zealand who love to travel.  

The travel bug is part of our Kiwi culture, it is a rite of passage for us from the tiny islands at the bottom of the globe to go and see the rest of the world. Growing up we dreamed of far-flung countries and soon we were planning and making our own trips abroad.
One day we were planning a trip around South East Asia with a group of close friends. The plan was to spend five weeks having a spectacular adventure through Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. We spent months saving, researching and planning the trip. As well as this, we invested a considerable amount of time looking for travel products; luggage, accessories and clothing we would need on the journey.

We swapped ideas and places to buy the necessary items and shared our frustration that we always had to choose between travel products that looked good OR was durable and functional. Perhaps, we weren’t the only women struggling to find beautiful travel gear that was also of a high quality? We knew that travel products could be stylish, without compromising on functionality, but maybe we were going to have to be the ones to show the world how.

Thus the idea for Elephant Stripes began to grow….Two years, a fair bit of travel, many crazy moments and late nights later…Elephant Stripes online store has arrived!  

We built Elephant Stripes for the lady wanderlusters. For the gals who know the value of a perfect eyebrow, but are also so down for that cross-country motorbike tour. The ladies who can be dressed to perfection in a sleek uptown bar one day, then have her manicure in the mud volunteering with the elephant rescue the next. An Elephant Stripes chicky knows life is about experiences, fitting in as much adventure as possible and finding a way to make a difference.
We look forward to creating awesome gear for your future travel adventures!
  Jordan and Francesca