Best list of items for a long Journey

Best list of items for a long Journey March 3, 2016     942 views   no comment

Here is a packing list of the best items to carry with you on a long haul flight (or any long journey).

 We have all been through the dilemma: either you try to take everything you might possibly want with you on the plane and end up feeling cramped and watching in despair as your items spill out and roll down the airplane aisles, or you try to be practical and minimalist and end up spending the entire 14 hour flight thinking about all the things you wish you had with you!

To save you from suffering either of these issues ever again I have compiled a packing list of the in flight must haves.

Light shawl / cardigan / travel wrap

These are the best! Flights can get cold…like ridiculously cold, also if you’re a snuggly person or like to hide away there’s nothing better than wrapping yourself in one of these or making a tent over your head and hunkering down. Roll it up and use it as a pillow, shape it into that sore spot on your lower back …so versatile. Click here to see our stunning range of travel wraps.

Eye mask

Daytime? Nighttime? Timezone irrelevant, half the plane is asleep, the other half is awake, the person opposite you has their shade open blinding you with the rising sun, your neighbour is reading….argh! But it doesn’t matter…eye mask. Click here to shop eye masks.

Entertainment –several forms

I usually take my ipod, a good novel, a notepad, my laptop, a magazine and a small puzzler book. If I’m travelling with companions then I also bring a pack of cards. Whatever you decide to bring make sure you have a variety so you have different activities for different moods, if you’re anything like me then one activity will not last you hours.

Mints -chewy ones

They’ll make you feel like you’ve brushed your teeth even when you haven’t, give you fresh breath and something to do when you’re bored. Chew them during ascent and descent to help your ears equalise.


Do you need an explanation?

Empty water bottle

You wont get a full water bottle through customs but that doesn’t have to stop you from keeping hydrated during your flight. Take your empty water bottle through and simply ask the flight attendant to fill it up for you once you are settled in flight, this trick is a life saver…also a wallet saver as you don’t get caught buying a $4 bottle of water from the shop on the other side of customs after you’ve just had to throw out the perfectly good bottle you already had!

Baby wipes

So fresh and clean…multitude of uses, makeup remover, hand washer, face washer, emergency underarm bath, sticky mess cleaner, plane table wipes….I could go on….

Face mist

My number one cannot live without travel item! Face mist is cooling, refreshing and moisturising. You wont believe how much better this stuff will make you feel while you are travelling particularly in the dry aeroplane air. Click here to see our Organic Face Mist.

Change of clothes or at least fresh underwear

After a long flight you will so appreciate a change of clothes, I always feel so yuck after being cramped in my seat next to however many others for so many hours. A change of clothes and a spritz of face mist and you will feel fresh and new again.


A bit of light deodorant is a must, as is reapplication. You don’t want to be the stinky BO passenger but it’s almost as bad to be the chemical overload perfume lady. You’re better just to skip the perfume and opt for a light deodorant while inside the plane …and remember the sneaky self armpit sniff is a skill everyone appreciates.

A couple of pens!

You will have countless forms to fill in and no doubt your neighbour will want to borrow a pen too.

Other good items if you have room

This packing list is in no way comprehensive but it should have you covered for optimum comfort during long travel whilst still being able to pack into your small carry on item.

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