The Best Travel Hair Products Every Traveller Needs To Know About + Enter The Competition To Win Some!

The Best Travel Hair Products Every Traveller Needs To Know About + Enter The Competition To Win Some! May 23, 2018     2103 views   7 comments

The best travel hair products every traveller needs to know about! Enter the competition to win some.


If you love to travel, want your hair to look good and feel healthy and you care about the amazing natural environment then these products are your dream come true.



Ethique Beauty Bars

If you haven’t discovered these yet prepare to be wowed. 

They exist to rid the world of plastic bottles – with beauty bars that come in 100% biodegradable packaging.

I tried Ethique shampoo and conditioning bars on a recommendation from a friend and since I’m always keen to try more natural product alternatives both for my own health and for the health of the planet it was right up my alley. BUT I was skeptical and didn’t have high hopes, I mean it’s like, soap in a bar isnt it? I haven’t used soap in bar form on my body since I was a kid let alone on my hair…how can a plain ole bar of soap stand up to the gazillions of different shampoos and conditioners I’ve tried over the years?

Well, this ain’t no ordinary plain ole bar of soap… In fact they arent actually soap at all, they’re ‘Beauty Bars’ and I don’t know what they’re doing over there at Ethique but its magic and I hope they keep on doing it because I’m never trying another shampoo or conditioner 😃 My hair feels soft, clean, smooth, smells amazing, looks shiny, no knots, no frizz and is so HEALTHY!

PLUS Ethique beauty bars are perfect for travel, strolling through security is a breeze because none of the products contain liquids, meaning you don’t have to abide by the 100ml rule. They are also lighter and don’t take up as much space as liquid shampoo and conditioner, lasting much much longer than small travel bottles.

Below are some tips for traveling with Ethique.

  • Tip 1: Make sure that the products dry in between uses. You can use baby socks or soap bags and hang them up so that they dry out in between use, this is best done with ¼ bar at a time so it can dry quicker.
  • Tip 2: Travel with bars which have multi-use. Tip To Toe is good for shampoo and shaving, and while it is not advertised as bodywash, we have it on high authority that it is perfectly suitable. Bliss Bar can be used as a face wash and body wash also. And saving face is good for taming the fly aways helping you save taking hair product.
  • Tip 3: Carry in a ziplock baggy or travel soap holder or the clear plastic main pouch of the Elephant Stripes Hanging Toiletry Bags.

We think Ethique Beauty Bars and Elephant Stripes travel gear are a match made in heaven, especially the Wild Poppies Hanging Toiletry Bag so we have teamed up and put together this giveaway.


Worth over $250 this luxurious haul of beauty products perfect for travel includes:


Or if you just can’t wait you can zoom straight to the Ethique Website and use our code ELEPHANTSTRIPES to get 15% off on your order.

Do you have a favourite travel cosmetic product? Let us know in the comments 🙂 Thanks for reading, xx Jordan

7 responses to “The Best Travel Hair Products Every Traveller Needs To Know About + Enter The Competition To Win Some!”

  1. Jan Walker says:

    Sunscreen to look after my skin avoiding the premature look

  2. Ruzan Forrest says:

    I love my detox water from Time bomb. good when you can’t wash your face properly with cleanser. Just apply few drops and it is again fresh.

  3. Renee Perlic says:

    Eye of Horus waterproof mascara and I’m also really fond of blistex lip conditioner with SPF it’s in a little blue pot

  4. Kate Park says:

    What an amazing giveaway!
    I would love to try these products.

  5. Sophie Holland’s says:

    I love my tinted moisturiser, it’s natural looking but enough coverage whilst away.

  6. Louise Dalzell says:

    Fabulous prize thank you. Would love the chance to try your products

  7. Leanne Le sueur says:

    I love my trilogy cream cleanser