Elephant Stripes Turns Two! Looking Back and Looking Forward…

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Elephant Stripes turned 2 in March 2018!

I can’t believe it! It feels both like Elephant Stripes has been here forever and at the same time so much has happened in two short years!

Company Update:

2016 We launched and wow did we launch! Firing off into Kickstarter and production with great guns. We had amazing backers and smashed straight through our initial goals and continued the momentum with wonderful media coverage (Thank you to each and every one of you and an extra shout out to Leah from Glamour for sharing your huge influence). We had several online sales through deal sites and a stream of sales on our own website. These efforts combined allowed us to go into further production of new products and colours and importantly for us it also allowed us to do the Bag For Bag donation of 120 backpacks filled with supplies to The Bali Children Project which was a serious goal achievement both for Francesca and I personally and for the business as well.

2017 Reality Hits us and decisions had to be made, we spent time thinking about the goals that we each have for our lives and how Elephant Stripes fits into them. Francesca ended up following her travellers heart and leaving the business to move to Europe and continue to explore in freedom. Luckily for us she still lets me call her from across the ocean for advice and thoughts and she has remained an influence on the company through her stake in our associated charity ‘The Ashla-Maia Foundation’.  I forged on with growing the company and after a stint home in New Zealand I moved back to the Gold Coast Australia and got engaged! Shout out to my love, thank you for your endless support xx

2018 Let’s Get Down To Business! Pouring my energy into Elephant Stripes I have been focusing on building a great team of people around me and setting goals and a path forward. New designs are being drawn up, new products are in the pipeline, local connections with inspiring women in business have been made, (Big hello to the Gold Coast Girls In Business Movement) and a stunning new website has been launched (endless thanks for the pros at My Robot Monkey for the wonderful job on the new site and graphics!). We are full steam ahead and it is bloody exciting!

Watch this space!

Thanks for being part of the journey – Jordan 🙂


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