The sleek and stylish Elephant Stripes folding daypack is incredibly lightweight, comfortable and durable. Whether you are off to work in the city commute or trekking the Sumatran jungles, this folding backpack will be your reliable new friend. Comfy shoulder straps allow for easy adjustment and comfort for all day wearing. The daypack has a handy front pocket for personal items and a large zipping main compartment for easy access to snacks, jackets, camera .etc. However, the best thing about this daypack is not its awesome rainforest pattern nor its comfortable straps or even its handy pockets, it is the fact that this bag weighs only 155grams! Light as a feather, durable and folding down to the size of a wallet simply pop it into your luggage and whip it out whenever needed. This is a travel must have and something you wont leave home without!