Survive a Long Flight in Style

Survive a Long Flight in Style March 8, 2016     1133 views   no comment

So you made it through the check in, all the lines, waiting and shuffling and now you have finally arrived at your seat? Congratulations, it has only just begun!





How to Survive a Long Flight in Style

The first thing to do is to get out everything you think you will (realistically) need during the flight and put everything else away including your shoes. We all know what it’s like to be seated next to someone who is constantly getting up and down and rummaging in the overhead lockers…don’t be that person.


Next, spend as much time fluffing, prepping and primping your area to settle in as comfortable as you can because..

1. What a great way to kill time without noticing,

2. You are going to be in this nest for a very long time so best create a good one!


In regard to your fellow passengers; always be polite, a smile or a nod goes along way, and helping with bags and being courteous is always appreciated. If you prefer to keep to yourself during flights then stick to polite short answers to let your seat mate know you are not keen on chatting all the way. If you are someone who is extra friendly and like to make friends on flights make sure you pay attention to body language to gauge levels of interest. If your seatmate keeps looking down or away from you and is mostly just answering your questions and not asking many of you then most likely they would like to be left alone.


Establish your relationship with your seatmates, tuck all your things away in the seat pocket, hide your snacks, no you do not need them yet! Put on your socks and rich face moisturiser and snuggle your travel wrap around your legs, chew on a mint and enjoy the take off.


Once you have reached cruising altitude and the seatbelt light has turned off ask one of the flight attendants to fill up your water bottle. Settle in, relax and decide what to do next. Think positively about it, its not often in life we get to just relax and be. Take a moment to appreciate the gratitude and excitement for the adventure ahead.


Explore your options and activities and browse through the in flight entertainment. Think about when meals will be served and when you would like to sleep in order to plan your time best. Try not to jump from one thing to the next because you will exhaust all your activities in the first 20 minutes…i.e. if you’re going to read the magazine, read all of it, or at least half before moving on to the puzzle book….this is something I am still working on!


I hope this has been helpful, Good luck with your travels, Go see the world!

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