The 7 Best Travel Toiletries You Absolutely Must Have On Your Next Trip!

The 7 Best Travel Toiletries You Absolutely Must Have On Your Next Trip! May 27, 2018     1597 views   2 comments

The 7 Best Travel Toiletries You Absolutely Must Have On Your Next Trip!



Want to know how to travel like a minimalist whilst staying fabulously stylish?! Check out this list of the best travel toiletries.

Nailing which toiletries to take on your trip can save you a lot of frustration. Travel toiletry disasters can range from potential spillages causing wasted product & stained clothes, money re-purchasing forgotten items and my personal pet peeve watching my skin and hair suffer increasingly during the trip because I didn’t bring the right items. Breakouts, dry skin, lank greasy hair I have experienced it all! But not to worry my pain is your gain. I have distilled down the 7 items you absolutely must have on your next trip.

Must haves:

  1. Ethique multipurpose soap bar products
  2. Jetlag Hydrating mist
  3. Cornflour…wtf cornflour?! yes this is my secret travel item and I’m sharing it to you all!
  4. Hanging toiletry bag
  5. Turkish Towel
  6. Rich moisturising balm
  7. Multipurpose oil for skin and hair health 

(#6 & #7 No longer stocked by Elephant Stripes, you can enquire here to get some!)


1. Ethique Beauty Bars (For more details see previous post)

Ethique Beauty Bars are perfect for travel, strolling through security is a breeze because none of the products contain liquids, meaning you don’t have to abide by the 100ml rule. They are also lighter and don’t take up as much space as liquid shampoo and conditioner, lasting much much longer than small travel bottle.

Use our code ELEPHANTSTRIPES in the Ethique online store to get 15% off on your order.

Travel Cosmetics

2. Jetlag Hydrating Mist

I am a huge fan of hydrating mist sprays (This one by Alpine + Sea is particularly glorious). During travel particularly by plane I find my skin starts to feel dry and uncomfortable and generally yuk but a few spritz’ of a hydrating mist and the comfort levels are just amazing, you get that “just stepped into a lovely bath” luxury feeling mid flight and it’s simply wonderful. They also are great to use when you arrive at your destination feeling all bleary eyed and confused, a few sprays of mist and instantly you feel refreshed, alert and ready to go.

Hydrating sprays are very multi-purpose and I think anything you bring when travelling that has multiple purposes is a real win. Hydrating mists can be used as refreshing spray when you wake up, as a toner before moisturising and makeup, as a setting spray after makeup application, beautiful inflight refreshing and moisturising spray and they also work wonderfully as a cooling mist in hot climates.

3. Cornflour … stay with me here, I swear I havn’t lost the plot

Hair looking greasy? sprinkle some cornflour on it, rub it into your hair well with your hands and then rub with a towel or brush your hair as normal and ta da! Now your hair looks freshly washed and fabulous!

Tip: Use plain cornflour for blonde hair and add in more cocoa powder the darker your skin and hair until you reach your perfect match. Keep it in a small container, old spice jars with the holes on top work perfect!

In a hot or humid country sweating like creature? Use your foundation powder brush to dust some onto to your face focussing on the t-zone and you will be looking matt, calm and flawless in no time.

Tip: I use this everyday when i’m living on the Gold Coast and have perfected a combination of at least 70% cornflour with a touch of cocoa powder, a touch of tumeric and if I have any spare powder makeup i’ll put a bit of that in too. This makes a good colour match and I put it on as the last step to mattify my makeup and make it last longer without melting off my face! I keep it in old powder makeup containers but you could use any small container or jar.

Untested uses for cornflour: I havn’t tried these myself but I want to! Apparently it makes a great deodoriser mixed 50:50 with baking soda and with a couple of drop of essential oil. It can be used as deodorant for keep underarms dry and fresh, sprinkle in shoes to keep them fresh, sprinkle on carpet, brush in and leave for several hours then vacuum out. A travel all rounder, did you say multi-purpose? To see more great uses for cornflour see this blog by Stay At Home Mum.

4. Elephant Stripes Hanging Toiletry Bag

The Elephant Stripes hanging toiletry bag has been created especially for travel! It comes in a range of awesome patterns with more being added soon. The bag unfolds to hang from a hook meaning you are instantly organised with easy access to your cosmetics as soon as you hang it up. I have personally tested this hanging it from trees while camping, on a rocky ledge in an outdoor shower, on hotel hooks and even at home on my towel rail if i’m in between trips and cant be bothered unpacking properly. Aside from having instant access to everything and visible organisation with the clear pockets, hanging it up also keeps it out of the muck. Shared hostel countertops are not a problem and tiny benches in hotel rooms are no worries. Another fantastic feature we built into this bag is that the main large pocket can be detached and used separately if you don’t need the full kit. The entire pocket is clear meaning it should be fine to use in your carry on instead of clear ziplock baggies however this is up to the discretion of the customs agents.

5. Elephant Stripes Turkish Travel Wraps

Super soft and luxury, our beautiful Turkish Travel wraps are high quality and the ideal combination of light yet thick. This makes them versatile beyond compare, perfect as a scarf, towel, blanket & travel wrap. These absolutely make my list of travel toiletries as a towel that is so so much more than a towel.

6. Rich Moisturising Balm

A rich moisturising balm is an essential part of any travel toiletry kit. Use a rich moisturising balm to add a layer of hydration and protection from the drying effects of flying. Our Elephant Stripes Organic Moisturiser is all natural, very gentle, calming and healing, a little goes a long way. It is great to use in flight and also on any dry or damaged skin in need of some love.

Elephant Stripes Rich Moisturising Balm (no longer stocked, you can enquire here to get some!) is perfect as an everyday moisturiser for those with dry or mature skin or as an extra hydrating treatment for other skin types. The possible uses for this balm is near endless but some I have tried are cracked heels treatment, leg moisturiser, overnight eye serum, on chapped lips and I have even had good results using it on minor cuts, grazes and mild sunburn when an ailment specific lotion wasn’t immediately available (read I was too lazy to go and buy one).

7. Multipurpose Skin and Hair Oil

I am an avid believer in oils, I figure our hair and skin creates its own oil to protect itself so it makes sense to me to take that as a hint from nature. The Elephant Stripes hair and skin oil (no longer stocked, you can enquire here to get some!) is great because again, hey multipurpose! This is my leg moisturiser, make up remover, overnight face treatment and the only hair styling product I use.

I really like the way this oil give my legs a natural glow and as a hair product it keeps my hair healthy and protects me from split ends. I put it in just the ends of my hair after I have washed my it and scrunch it a bit then let it dry naturally. If I feel like it needs it I will also put a little bit on the ends when my hair is dry to help style it the way I like. I made the mistake of going on a 5 week long backpacking trip without any hair & skin oil and I wont be doing it again!

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Let me know what your travel must haves are, toiletries or otherwise, in the comments below!

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