7 Perfect Christmas Gifts For A Traveller

7 Perfect Christmas Gifts For A Traveller November 6, 2018     423 views   no comment

The perfect presents for the wanderlusters in your life!

Gift shopping for a restless soul is one of the more difficult tasks of the Christmas season. What do you give the person who values adventures over things? The spirited one who seeks excitement and has the kind of itchy feet that no pamper kit can cure. They’ll opt for a hammock under the stars over a new salad bowl any of the week because the finer things include memories and moments for the footloose, fancy-free explorers of today. But satisfying a traveller doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg in the form of an airfare! So in the spirit of giving, here is a gift guide designed for every budget and tailored to suit even the wildest of adventurers. 


Travel Necklace

If you love her let her go. But make sure she carries a reminder close to her heart with one of our travel inspired necklaces…

There are momentos and meaningful jewellery as well as trendy travel themed jewellery to ensure your gift is always on point. From paper airplanes to cameras and vibrant world maps there is sure to be a pretty piece to suit everyone this christmas.


Hanging Toiletry Bags

Nothing sings convenience louder than cascading pockets and detachable compartments. A traveler without a hanging cosmetic bag is a traveler in need! No more balancing acts in the bathroom or juggling acts in the shower. This toiletry and cosmetic bag is a seriously great game changer – unfold, hang, detach, smile!


Straw Handbag

This gorgeous handmade handbag is the perfect gift for any gal. Channel those summery boho vibes and give a gift that pays tribute to the most elegant and/or wild wanderer. This rounded straw design serves as a classy nod of devotion to the hippy within.


Fold Up Backpack

The trusty bag in a bag! Whether you call it a day bag, a backpack, or a rucksack, you won’t meet a single traveler who doesn’t use or need a bag for daily outings. But this here isn’t just any backpack; this particular backpack is more compactable than a pair of socks! It’s the day bag that will fit in a back pocket.


Packing Cells

Misplaced belongings serve as a serious daily struggle for the traveler. Where the heck did I put that and I could have sworn I saw it a second ago tend to dominate the mumblings of self-talk. Packing cells aren’t just a luxury item for the super-organised; they maximise space, increase efficiency and save sanity! Quit losing your s**t and start saving time.


Travel Gift Sets

Because sometimes more is more! Nothing says thoughtful better than this trio of practical goodies. Invest in rest, relaxation and fun with our environmentally friendly combo that’s currently more cheerful than ever with complimentary gift wrapping!

– Vegan Leather Cross Body Bag

– Black Turkish Travel Wrap

– Make a Wish Eye Mask


RADventure 45L Travel Pack


Did we mention that all Elephant Stripes products are designed by travelers, for travelers?
You’ll be hard-pressed to find accessories that suit your travel needs better.

This handy companion is best described in 3 words: comfortable, stylish, practical. 

– No more digging or blind rummaging; this pack unzips all the way around!

– Retire the bum bag – keep passports, money and phones safe in the specially designed waist pockets for security and easy access.

– Get comfortable with the Comfort Deluxe Multi-Way Adjustable Harness System. It’s fully adjustable with cooling airflow, excellent stability and freedom of movement.

– Rainy days? Unravel the foldaway rain cover.

– Want to change it up? Clip on the side strap and sling it over your shoulder.

– Got a laptop? There’s a pocket for that too.

This bag utilizes the maximum allowance for carry-on while holding up to 45L.
Travel light, forego the luggage fees, skip the baggage claim carousel and get on the road!

Drop by Elephant Stripes Online Store to see our full range of products, colours and accessories to treat your traveling loved one or simply treat yourself!

If you simply can’t decide which is the best travel gift then there is always the ever popular travel gear voucher available to keep everyone happy.

Elephant Stripes products are designed to keep backpackers, flashpackers & globetrotters sane and smiling! Share the world this Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Travellers x

Author: Guest Writer Jayde Purnell of Love Local

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