Your Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Your Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2017 November 7, 2017     1055 views   no comment

Christmas is busy, life is busy!

We know either your time or your money or both are going to be stretched right now so let’s cut to the chase … The key is to tick off as many of your christmas gifts in one place, quick and easy, preferably while relaxing in your underwear drink in hand!

Let Elephant Stripes be that place and you can get back to doing whatever it is you love to do 🙂

Top picks for mens gifts:

Stylish, classic, practical yet cool this is every guys perfect bag. This makes a great gym bag or travel bag. Super lightweight, durable and it folds up to the size of a wallet.

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Folding daypack; like the overnighter is also super lightweight, durable and it folds up to the size of a wallet. Comes in several man friendly colours from the adventurous to the classic black. Perfect for daily missions, the beach, day trips, walks and definitely travelling.

aztec backpack

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Blokes on your christmas list? Done. Next?

Top picks for ladies gifts:

In New Zealand we call this your “town bag” for when you are going out on the town haha (My fiance is cringing as he reads this).

But its true that we ladies, yes all ladies, need a reliable, classic black purse that goes with all outfits and they can take everywhere. Popping to the shops to run some errands, having adventurous daytrips while travelling or going out “on the town”. This bag is the answer; large enough to fit your wallet phone and small essentials but small enough that you can dance while wearing it!

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Where have these cosmetic cases been all our lives? Beautiful, in 5 stunning colours, great quality, durable, washable and well thought out (no light coloured interiors here!). The classic “Cosmetic Case” is designed for travel and countertop use. The CC is structured and fits full sized bottles. The “Hanging Toiletry Bag” is a little bit genius; designed to hang on towel rails and hooks, this bag is perfect for frequent travellers and campers who don’t want to put their bags down on counters or worse the floor! It also makes a great option for those with smaller bathrooms as everything is accessible and easy to see right from the bag. Bonus the main compartment even detaches from the rest of the bag if you just want to take a few necessities with you.

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Whether the ladies on your list are young or aged like fine wine we know they will appreciate these gifts. Practical and stylish, everyone is happy 🙂

Top pick for travellers, teens, backpackers and ages 16-30:

  • Travel Pack

Designed by travellers for travellers these incredibly popular travel packs were launched on Kickstarter and blew through the fundraising target in weeks. The travel packs come in 45L carry on size and 65L check in size (the 65L also has a detachable daypack). The travel packs are both a backpack with adjustable padded straps AND converts into a duffel bag with detachable strap and easy carry handle. It comes with a built in rain cover and bag protector, zips fully open for easy access and has pockets in all the right places. Suitable for anyone who loves to travel or is thinking of going travelling. Particularly great for those hard to buy for older teens, students and explorers in their twenties. This gift will be an asset for life, that trusty companion for all their best adventures. With six amazing unique designs there is one to suit everyone.

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Top pick for the person who has everything:

Argh these people! The tricky to buy for; we love you but every year we hate you just for a little bit. Either they have everything or they want nothing. Bonus points if said person quotes “honestly I dont want anything” argh! So for these tricky beasts of any sex we have two great options.

Packing cells; If you haven’t tried these you need to, packing cells make packing and travelling a breeze by storing your stuff neatly in separate compartments. I use one for underwear, one for tops, one for bottoms and have a spare for washing. The man likes to use his for shoes and another for organising all his electrical gadgets. With packing cells clothes are less creased, you fit more in and when you arrive everything is easy to find.

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Turkish Travel Wraps; Is it a towel? is it a scarf? is it a blanket? a picnic mat? a shawl?( No its superman). These Turkish Travel wraps are incredibly versatile, made from quality turkish cotton they are the luxury item that everyone needs. Super soft, large and strong we have several colour options available. I take mine everywhere with me, to the beach as a towel, round my neck in winter as a scarf and absolutely my favourite in flight blanket when travelling.

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Top pick for children: awesome colours!

Children get so many toys at christmas, so many things that barely get looked at or break soon after opening (…and usually a few things that parents tell their children “aw its broken” but really they took the batteries out because if they have to hear that thing one more time they are going to lose it). So here is a gift that the kids will love AND that is also useful, lasting and parents will appreciate.

The folding overnight bag is great for kids with places to go and things to do, perfect for sleepovers, sports bags or family holidays. When not in use the bag folds up into the pocket to be the size of a wallet. The folding overnighter comes in 5 awesome colours, is super lightweight, washable, strong and durable.

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Like its friend the folding overnighter is also super lightweight, washable, strong and durable and comes in 5 awesome colours. It is perfect for day trips, playdates with friends, the beach and is the perfect accompaniment on all number of childhood adventures.

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Ta Da! I hope that was helpful and takes the stress away from your Christmas shopping. Merry Christmas, I hope you have wonderful adventures and enjoy quality time with family and friends.

From Jordan and the rest of the Elephant Stripes team!


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