We Care

At Elephant Stripes our goal is to continually improve, striving to set an example of good business practice by upholding our company values. There will always be things that we need to do better, but by being aware, accountable and transparent and taking action whenever possible, we aim to be leaders in the movement for best practise and fairer treatment of people and planet. We focus on a triple bottom line; this means that Elephant Stripes endeavours to be sustainable on three levels –Socially, Environmentally and Financially.

We have incorporated several social and environmental strategies into our business model, some examples are our charitable shareholder ‘The Ashla-Maia Foundation”, eco- friendly and minimal packaging, the bag for bag donation programme and careful selection of ethical manufacturers

We hope these initiatives and unconventional ways of doing business will become the norm in the future.

By creating real value not just profit we can use business as a force for good.

Because we are giving as we go solutions become scalable, as the business grows so its impact grows too