Why So Quiet???

Why So Quiet??? August 10, 2016     1062 views   no comment

Hello fellow travel lovers!

Sorry we have been quiet over the last couple of months, we have been working hard to bring you the best and most beautiful travel products, here is our latest progress update to satisfy your curiosities…

Progress Update

Since the official launch 5 months ago (March 4th 2016!) Elephant Stripes has been featured in over 25 media articles worldwide including NZ Herald and Sunday Star times and the United States Glamour Magazine (Thank you, we love you!).

We have received product orders from 18 different countries and yes we celebrate each and every sale with high 5s all round and enthusiastic ringing of our sale bell.


Elephant Stripes sales map


Elephant Stripes ever expanding product range currently includes over 15 unique products with most items offered in 6 different colours/patterns (And there are more new products on the way!).

Each of our products is painstakingly designed from scratch especially for you our trendy travellers and wandering wanderlusters.

We obsess over every detail (once taking 3 weeks to decide on the specific shade of green we wanted for an embroidered logo, no joke) each Elephant Stripes product you receive is filled with hours and hours of careful planning, lots of love (and only a few tears) we hope you love them as much as we do!


Travel backpacks

Some of the awesome travel pack pictures you have sent us!


The May Kickstarter campaign to raise money for our innovative travel packs was a success! thank you for your support.

Our goal for the campaign was to raise $15,000. By the end of the 35 day campaign the total was $25,712; An extra 71% over and above our goal!

Production for the remainder of those travel packs pre-ordered on Kickstarter is in full swing and on track with the expected timeline for delivery.

Some of the travellers who chose early packs have been sending us photos from across the globe – Thank you, keep them coming, we can’t wait to see more!

We are also enjoying the tweets, comments and emails from you, keep chatting to us, it makes our day and we love to hear how the products are tracking and where they have been.


Over 150 custom designed children backpacks in production, soon to be donated to the Bali Childrens Project

What else is coming up?

We have plenty planned over the coming months.

September is set to be a massive month including a trip to visit with our manufacturers in Indonesia (and hopefully meet our manufacturers new baby!) – The goals of this trip will be to improve and develop new and exisiting products and also to hand out over 150 school bags to the Bali Childrens Project which you helped us raise through the Kickstarter purchases in our bag for bag charitable campaign.

Also in September we have a 1 day pop-up shop on the Gold Coast and a sale promotion with San Francisco based Touch of Modern.

October will see a big push online including 2 online competition collaborations with other brands.

November we will be working on a homegrown material design with New Zealand and Maori influences and finishing our travel clothing prototypes and video for the second Kickstarter campaign (Stay tuned for the release date).


……eeeeeek exciting! bring on the coffee, we are going to be needing it!

heartJordan & Francesca

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